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Spank my monkey part 2

This is a list of scripts that I have been collecting over a long period of greasemonkey use. The extension to firefox just keeps getting better and better all the time.


  • Allsizes+ – Now with nag screen galore, but still very nice to snatch bigger resolution pictures.
  • Cross recommendations – This really makes browsing random pictures on flickr much more interesting.




Spank my monkey

Found out that apparently flickr doesn’t allow you to save their pictures. They replace the path of pictures with this odd spaceball.gif picture. Luckily greasemonkey ones again comes to the rescue, and this time in a very nice way. Apparently some images on flickr can only be view in large for pro users or something like that, but this script adds back the all sizes and makes it easy to snatch high quality images from flickr 🙂

From this new found interest in greasemonkey, I decided to look for what other nice scripts there exists. If you use gmail you’ll like the change all mailto:// links to open in gmail and replace http with https (works for gmail, google calendar and a bunch of other sites).