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Distributed development using bzr

It’s no secret that I have been a big fan of distributed development tools for a while. One of the maybe best things about them is that they have almost zero overhead settings up. This means that the biggest argument for not using (are there really any?) a version control system is gone. We have been using bzr in MMS for quite a while and recently the core team of developers with access to the source code has grown quite a bit.  So we started having trouble with revision numbers, since they are in a distributed version control by definition not absolute. But fear not, there is a good solution to “work around” that problem. One that goes well with the good idea of having multiple branches. I’ll just use mms as an example. First thing to do is to create a local main branch, a mirror of the what is available on the web:

bzr get http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~team-mms/mms/1.1.0 mms-1.1.0

Now we have a local version of the main repo. So lets branch that for our own changes:

bzr branch mms-1.1.0 mms-1.1.0-arj

Then whenever I want to do something I just work in mms-1.1.0-arj. Commit to that locally. Then when the changs are look good enough to be push, do a bzr pull in the main repo, bzr merge ../mms-1.1.0-arj. Then bzr push to push the changes to main repo.

When changes come in from other people through local the main repo, just do a bzr merge ../mms-1.1.0 inside the mms-1.1.0-arj directory.

Futhermore if one is working on a big new feature, it might be a good idea to create another local branch just for that. This makes it easier to track everything in the long run.

My Media System 1.1.0 rc7 released

Did a new release of My Media System today. There are changes all over the place, but the things I personally care most about is the new zoom interface that makes it easier to find out what you are looking at, the multiple input so that I can use my nokia n800 with mms over vnc without shutting down mms, and finally switch resolution so that I can change from 720p projector size to 800×480 (the size of the n800 screen) also without shutting down mms or having multiple instances running.

This makes it very easy to use the nokia as a remote control for music playback. I often listen to music at night and like that I have my whole collection available, connected to my stereo & headphones. When I want to watch a movie I just switch back to “fullscreen” and I can easily navigate to the movie using remote control.