Running Chrome in Ubuntu

Getting Chrome running in Ubuntu is now pretty easy, simple add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb stable main

Then you can install Chrome using the package manager and it will keep itself updated. Sadly the browser is quite alpha (no flash, random errors, no tabs saving on exit) but they update it every week and it runs insanely fast compared to firefox.

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Spank my monkey part 2

This is a list of scripts that I have been collecting over a long period of greasemonkey use. The extension to firefox just keeps getting better and better all the time.


  • Allsizes+ – Now with nag screen galore, but still very nice to snatch bigger resolution pictures.
  • Cross recommendations – This really makes browsing random pictures on flickr much more interesting.




Location aware web applications

Firefox 3.1 will have geolocation support, allowing some interesting new web applications to come to the web platform. I really like what this will do for devices like the n810. They also announced alpha1 of their mobile brower version, fennec. Sadly its incredibly slow, something that hopefully will be fixed as the browser matures for the first real release.


Adding some metal to ubiquity

The other day I was reading about this new project from mozilla labs called ubiquity. A command driven interface for the browser. The ability to mark something and just type: map this, define this, or imdb this is really powerful and saves a lot of mouse wanking. What is really interesting from a technical point of view is the fact that new commands are written in javascript. They have a guide for writing these and a rocking realtime editor (requires ubiquity).

I often find new artists or albums and want to check them out. Now since it’s mostly metal I listen to, there is this great site with a bunch of reviews. The reviews really helps finding out if the music is worth listening to or not. Sadly I couldn’t find a command for this, so I wrote one. It’s one of the most pleasent programming experiences in a long time. With this command you just type: metal metallica and it will bring you to the metallica page on (in a new tab of course).

The source for Ubiquity 0.1.X.

The source for Ubiquity 0.5.X.

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Spank my monkey

Found out that apparently flickr doesn’t allow you to save their pictures. They replace the path of pictures with this odd spaceball.gif picture. Luckily greasemonkey ones again comes to the rescue, and this time in a very nice way. Apparently some images on flickr can only be view in large for pro users or something like that, but this script adds back the all sizes and makes it easy to snatch high quality images from flickr 🙂

From this new found interest in greasemonkey, I decided to look for what other nice scripts there exists. If you use gmail you’ll like the change all mailto:// links to open in gmail and replace http with https (works for gmail, google calendar and a bunch of other sites).