Adding some metal to ubiquity

The other day I was reading about this new project from mozilla labs called ubiquity. A command driven interface for the browser. The ability to mark something and just type: map this, define this, or imdb this is really powerful and saves a lot of mouse wanking. What is really interesting from a technical point of view is the fact that new commands are written in javascript. They have a guide for writing these and a rocking realtime editor (requires ubiquity).

I often find new artists or albums and want to check them out. Now since it’s mostly metal I listen to, there is this great site with a bunch of reviews. The reviews really helps finding out if the music is worth listening to or not. Sadly I couldn’t find a command for this, so I wrote one. It’s one of the most pleasent programming experiences in a long time. With this command you just type: metal metallica and it will bring you to the metallica page on (in a new tab of course).

The source for Ubiquity 0.1.X.

The source for Ubiquity 0.5.X.