Raspberry pi music player

Ever since the raspberry pi zero 2 was released I knew it would be good as a always on machine at home. It uses around 0.4Wh idle power which amounts to around 5kWh per year at 0.6 Wh average. Or 1-2 euros and around 500g co2 per year.

I have been digitizing my music collection. I do still enjoy and mostly listen to full albums and having the ability to listen to any of hundreds of those with a click is amazing. I still keep my CDs around, they look like this:

Today you can store the whole library of hundres of albums on a single micro SD card for less than 50 euros for 256GB. I was able to use my old external stero link amp together with sennheiser HD 650 headphones. The clarity is great, but there isn’t a whole lot of bass. The final setup looks like this:

I’m using the open source moode audio for playing the audio from the PI using a browser. Not super happy about the interface, but I managed to get it into a state where I mainly just click on an album I want to hear and it plays. It did take a whole to get covers for the whole collection, but that that is done I havn’t touched the system for around a month.