Chromebook for development

I got myself an early Christmas present: an Acer Chromebook 14. I wanted a dedicated linux development machine and always wanted to try out Chrome OS to see what it was like. So far the overall experience has been good. The laptop is excellent for the price, the screen is good, keyboard is fine and best of all, the battery life is really good.

I installed debian stable (jessie) in a chroot on the machine using crouton. There i can run node, scuttlebot and tor and use emacs graphically using xiwi  for editing. The best part about crouton is that you can do a full chroot backup and store that somewhere safe. You can even have multiple chroots running at the same time for testing. Crouton seems a little rough, like I ran into this wierd node bug. But overall I like the seperation. I might end up installing debian directly at some point, but for now this suits me fine.