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Getting android emulator running on Ubuntu 9.10

I had a little trouble getting the android emulator running on my laptop. I wanted to start debugging why andnav2 is no longer working. Hopefully Nicolas can get it fixed, but it appears that he’s quite busy 🙁

The first problem I ran into was that the buttons in the tools/android application where not responding properly. Starting tools/android with the env variable GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 fixed that problem. Next problem was that the ssl mirror for getting the different SDK versions was not working. A quick google revealed that adding a sdkman.force.http=true to ~/.android/androidtool.cfg fixed that. Do not try to just remove the http. You’ll get the SDKs, but it will not work.

Last problem was getting java jdk working. I settled on openjdk as it seems to be the way forward. Be sure to use java-alternatives to set your java version. Sun-java6 seems to be 9.04 so I should probably remove that at some point. Just don’t want to ruin my webbank 😉

After getting everything up and running I tried the debugging tool and it appears to be really neat. It has tons of debug information, even down to when the GC is running, and was able to give me a proper backtrace of the problem. Another really cool thing is that it’s extremely easy to test ones application one 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 by simply running 3 different emulators. Or different screen sizes for that matter. One can also see some of the goodies coming in android 2.0. The browser seems to have gotten a nice overhaul. Can’t wait for HTC to release an updated ROM based on 2.0.