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My Media System 1.1.0 rc7 released

Did a new release of My Media System today. There are changes all over the place, but the things I personally care most about is the new zoom interface that makes it easier to find out what you are looking at, the multiple input so that I can use my nokia n800 with mms over vnc without shutting down mms, and finally switch resolution so that I can change from 720p projector size to 800×480 (the size of the n800 screen) also without shutting down mms or having multiple instances running.

This makes it very easy to use the nokia as a remote control for music playback. I often listen to music at night and like that I have my whole collection available, connected to my stereo & headphones. When I want to watch a movie I just switch back to “fullscreen” and I can easily navigate to the movie using remote control.

My Media System 1.1.0 rc5 released

Today I released mms 1.1.0 rc5. Not so many new features instead we primarily focused on fixing bugs. Although some new features managed to get in like a ffmpeg based thumbnailer that is much faster than our old (but still default) mplayer based thumbnailer, finger scrolling and button for playback when using touch input. The python plugin is still kicking ass, there’s the lolcats script I mentioned earlier this months and now we have apple trailer support in our ever growing lists of python scripts (pyglets).

MMS 1.1.0 rc4 released

So we have a new release candidate out for 1.1.0. MMS 1.1.0 is finally getting to a more stable state. It was really sad for quite a while but it seems we have reached a turning point. What I find really interesting is that the python plugin is gaining some overdue momentum. A lot of really useful and very different scripts are being created. It is just great to see people who normally wouldn’t bother learning C++ pick up Python and start creating useful stuff on the first day. In that way Python really helps lowering the barrier to entry.

Building a 100″ projector screen

I have so far projected the picture of my Sanyo PLV-Z4 projector onto the wall. Clearly this is not optimal, so I have been looking for a screen for a while. I decided to built it DIY-style this weekend. It’s a lot cheaper than buying one from new and can give excellent results. Plus there is nothing to beat the feeling of having created something yourself.

For the project the following materials was used:

  • 228x131cm 16mm MDF board (screen size calculator).
  • 40mm wide wood frame
  • 1 liter of very low gloss paint. The color code used was S-1502B (I think it’s a european standard).
  • 100 ml very low gloss black paint.

The wood was bought at Bauhaus and the paint at the local paint shop.

After we carried the board up the stairs it was quite clear that it was perhaps a little too big for the wall. But after some rearranging we got it to fit 🙂

Here’s a picture of the screen being painted.

painted projector screen

I have been super happy with how it turned out. First a picture of a TV source (4:3) projected on the screen.

projector screen 4:3

Finally a picture of the result with a 16:9 source.
projector screen 16:9

Sadly the camera on my phone doesn’t do the final result justice. More pictures with real camera here on flickr.