Small review of Cory Doctorow’s Content

Content, is a new book by Cory Doctorow filled with small essays. Essays ranging from 2 to 10-15 pages in length, so they are quickly read but still takes some time to digest because of the depth. Cory knows his stuff and it really shows. The book includes the now infamous DRM talk at Microsoft. Not that they have learned much from it it seems 🙂 And a lot of other good stuff, including stories on how he deals with copyright in an internet age using Creative Commons.

The good thing about the short stories is that they are easy to go through, so I found myself just wanting to read one more. The bad side of putting that many short stories in there is that the stories can be a little tiring when many of them are about the same subject.

The whole book can be downloaded from here (CC licensed) in a variety of formats.