Ole's Home

My name is Ole Laursen. I'm cofounder of IOLA where I work as a software developer. I have a Master's degree in computer science from Aalborg University in Denmark. More about my professional life at LinkedIn.

I live in Aalborg, Denmark with my girlfriend Janne. I used to have a lot of stuff about me here. Nowadays you can find it in my blog.

My main interest is designing and programming software. I'm generally interesting in things that involve creating something or solving a hard problem. I've been known to spend hours planting my garden, which went from a small balcony, to a larger one, to a small garden, to a slightly larger one, and now 1.5 hectares.

I've always spent a lot of time reading, although the making of several children has temporarily put a damper on that. You can see a selection of the books I've read on goodreads.com.


Free software I'm maintaining:

Old software

Free software I'm more or less not maintaining anymore:

Even older software

Free software I used to maintain before passing the bucket:

Notable other Ole Laursens include a kick boxer and a lawyer.

I can be reached at ole.laursen@gmail.com. If it's about a business proposition, please contact me through IOLA.