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New filter for MPlayer

There was some discussion on the MPlayer mailinglist about a new filter so I though I would check it out. I was in for quite a nice suprise. The filter is very effective in removing ugly artifacts from the mpeg family of codecs. The only downside is the massive CPU usage. You can try it with -vf fspp. The code is based on this paper.

Screenshots normal:



Screenshots filter:



Fixing mindless automaton

My friend Bo wanted to play magic online over apprentice today with me, so I installed mindless automaton to play with him. Apparently mindless doesn’t work 100% with amd64. It crashes when you either connect to another computer or wait for someone to connect to you. So I began investigating and came up with a patch. I had my old language patch applied to be able to write danish chars, but it didn’t work very well with an UTF-8 locale. So I had to redo the patch, which you can find here. It now works with UTF-8 and non UTF-8 locales 🙂

Disable analyzer feature in imms

I’ve created a patch for imms 2.0.2a which allows you to disable the very cpu intensive BPM and frequenzy analyzer feature of imms. On my machine (AMD64 3000+) it takes almost 10 seconds to analyze a single track. While you could still install imms without sox and by
doing so disable this feature you would still need the fftw library installed for no reason. I’ve emailed the patch upstream, so I hope to see it in the next version of imms 🙂

You can download the patches here: patch part one patch part two.