Gentoo My Media System

mmsv2 1.0 released

I released mmsv2 1.0 tonight. It has got quite a lot of testing since rc1 was released so I’m pretty confident about the release. I’ve added the new version to portage including ~amd64 (new in 1.0) as well. Update the features section also.


Todays update

A new release of Bazaar came out just a few hours after I added 1.1 to cvs so I added 1.1.1 today 🙂

Wrote an email to Gregorio Guidi so that we hopefully can close #67748 and #39203 soon.

Gentoo VCS

Bazaar 1.1 added

Just committed an ebuild to cvs for bazaar. Havn’t really switched yet, but I’m pretty certain I will soon.

Free Software

Radeon 9700 driver

Found the r300 sourceforge project today. Seems they are writing a free software driver for the Ati r300 family. Wanted to try it out but it seems very beta, has only been developed for 3 months and requires xorg-x11 cvs.